Order Info and Timing

All packs - M3, M3 Jr., Day Pack, and River Ruck - are now available for order with a 3-5 week lead time. See below for some common questions regarding ordering a Meandering Maker Pack.

Updated 3/20/24

Custom Order Questions

How long will my order take?

Lead time will be 3-5 weeks from the date of your order. Potential impacts on this lead time include backordered materials from suppliers or a zombie apocalypse. Otherwise I plan to stick tightly to this timing.

What CAN I customize?

Options you can select are:

  • Waxed Canvas Color of the main bag- INCLUDED (color of zipper pouch lining is usually bright orange and cannot be customized)
  • Leather Color- INCLUDED - the color you choose will be used for all leather components and add-ons including all leather on the pack as well as bed roll straps, sternum strap, and/or Not All Who Wander Are Lost patch.
  • Zipper Pocket in Main Lid of Pack - ADDITIONAL CHARGE - this is a zippered pocket utilizing the full underside of the lid. This pocket is lined with light-weight 7oz waxed canvas; the zipper is the full width of the lid.
  • Zipper Pouch inside Main Compartment of Pack - ADDITIONAL CHARGE - This is an 11" x 8" zippered pouch sewn to the back inside panel of the pack. The pouch is attached just at the top so it will expand a great deal as you stuff things into it. This pouch is also lined with light-weight 7oz waxed canvas and is an excellent place for zero-fail-must-not-lose items like car keys and fire kits.
  • Back Support Sleeve - ADDITIONAL CHARGE - This a double layered canvas separator sewn to the inside back panel of the pack. The outside layer is the same 15oz waxed canvas as the main pack, the inside layer is the same 7oz waxed canvas lining the zipper pockets. The sleeve extends from the bottom of the pack to just below the shoulder strap attachment area near that top. This sleeve was designed to allow for a piece of foam padding, a sit pad, piece of plastic, etc to help lend structure and comfort to the pack when carrying heavier loads. It's also an excellent organizational feature and doubles great as a laptop sleeve, thought it is not padded so you will still want some extra protection if you carry a laptop.
  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost Patch - ADDITIONAL CHARGE - This is a beautiful 3" patch created by Adirondack Wilderness Company specially for Meandering Maker packs using the exact same bridle leather used elsewhere on the packs so it matches perfectly.
  • Sternum Strap - ADDITIONAL CHARGE - You can select a matching Sternum Strap to use with the included D-rings on the shoulder pads of the M3 and M3 Jr. Made from the same leather you choose for your pack, these are a huge help in distributing the load of a heavy pack. You can also purchase a Sternum Strap separately any time.
  • Bed Roll Straps - ADDITIONAL CHARGE - Also made to match your pack this is a pair of 29" long 1" thick bridle leather straps for lashing gear to the top and bottom of your pack making use of the handy strap tabs on the lid and bottom of all Meandering Maker packs.
What CAN'T I customize?

No fundamental changes to the dimensions or basic features of any Meandering Maker gear can be made. For example, you cannot add an additional sleeve for a laptop, a pencil holder, molle webbing, extra d-rings, etc. The dimensions and placement of all pouches, straps, attachment points, etc. cannot be changed.

I work hard to create designs that have as many features as possible for as many uses as possible while also maintaining my exceptionally high quality standards and allowing for an efficient and predictable production line. Thanks for understanding :-)

How do I pay for my order?

Full payment is required at the time of your order. I do this to ensure I can have all materials for everyone's orders on hand to get started right away on production.

If you ever have a concern about this policy or have questions about what to do if you need to cancel an order that has not been completed, please contact me.

Will you still be making in-stock items while working on custom orders?

Probably not, at least at first. My full concentration will be on completing and shipping custom orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

I'm easy to get hold of! You can use the contact in the following ways:

  • The contact form here on the website
  • Message me on Instagram or Facebook (please message me directly; it's very easy to miss questions in comments)
  • Email me directly at guy@meanderingmakeroutdoors.com
  • Write your questions down on a piece of paper, attach the paper to a bottle of Lagavulin 16 Year single malt scotch, and mail to Meandering Maker Outdoor, 120 Lightning Trail, Forney, TX 75125