If you have a question about gear you'd like to buy or gear you already own, how it works, what's coming up, etc. feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you lickity split!


Answers to a common few.
Are you taking pre-orders?

Not just yet. For now I'm only selling what I have already built and ready to ship. I hope to be taking pre-orders again soon thought, as I know it's the surest way to be certain you get the exact combo of materials and upgrades you're looking for!

Do you do custom work?

I don't. In order to produce consistently exceptional quality gear it's critical to have a repeatable process and doing custom work unfortunately makes that impossible.

Why is everything always sold out? 🙁

This is just the nature of handmade, small-batch, high-demand gear. Things tend to sell out very quickly when they're in stock. In order to still keep gear available to view and research, I keep everything up for looking even if it's not currently available.